Company: Pedini spa
Model: Artika
Design: Domenico Paolucci
Brochure: Download

Around the “planet kitchen”. Artika is characterized by a high level of flexibility, great freedom of composition and personalized solutions for different needs of space and taste. A big round island becomes the active and affective heart of the house.

Artika, placed in the middle of the room, just like the old fireplaces, gives the idea that the kitchen has now regained possession of its own identity and has rediscovered its function as affective and active “heart” of the house, where the most of daily actions take place.

The doors: horizontally the door is rounded.

The colours: mat lacquered doors, glossy lacquered doors.

The handles: with groove (channeling between the base units and the worktop which replaces the handles and allows the opening of the doors) and recessed handle.

The worktops: stainless steel worktops, varnished glass worktops, quartzite worktops, cristalan solid surface worktops, unicolor laminated worktops in different colours.

Tall cabinets and basket base units: the modern and functional equipments allow a smart storage.