Company: Pedini spa
Model: Dune
Design: Domenico Paolucci
Brochure: Download

The tradition of Pedini is famous: a firm that creates “well rounded” solutions.

With Dune we go back to the basics of the modular kitchens, they are part of our history, creating an articulated, flexible, well equipped, while still designed with “curved forms”-linear, corner or island. All without corners, with sinuous forms that create concave and convex shapes, to form a perfect ergonomic use, to introduce a new equilibrium and to create more functional spaces in the kitchen.

The doors: smooth door.

The colours: veneered walnut doors, mat lacquered doors, glossy lacquered doors.

The handles: integrated handle and with groove.

The worktops: stainless steel worktops, decorated glass worktops, unicolor laminated worktops, cristalan solid surface worktops, samsonite worktops.

Storage: various storage solutions have been created for mass storage of both large and small items. The Complanari is an efficient space saving mechanism including sliding doors and reentrant doors.