Company: Pedini spa
Model: Eko
Design: Domenico Paolucci
Brochure: Download

Eko “eco-kitchen-friendly” design. You’d love for its simplicity and its free-style design. The eco-friendly quality, the variety of options…but mostly for its advanced and unique character.

Because of its relentless pursuit of customization and optimization of the internal and external storage space. Because it distinguishes itself by pure and minimalistic lines and and the combination of innovation and divers finish. All this offers the ability to furnish your space with unique and harmonious style.

The ideas that optimize storage. In any functional interior space, especially in the kitchen, an optimal usage of storage allows a better function and form.

Harmony, functionality and storage capacity. Created to be used and lived in. the unique finish combination of tranche/provenza complete the project.

Variety of combination. According to space and needs. Open to divers solution.

Use in confident. A journey in the world of unique design solutions, with a fresh and “eco-friendly” language.

A mixture of intuition and taste optimize and rationalizes the space.