Company: Pedini spa
Model: Magika
Design: Domenico Paolucci
Brochure: Download

Simply magical. Practical, clean, functional. This is the language that Pedini expresses through Magika – bright and dynamic, uniting innovative features and traditional uses, connecting synthesis of form and rational layout solutions. The functional design is expressed in clean and simple lines and direct, easy access to the contents. The aesthetic, combined with practicality, create unique operational performance.

Form follows function in the kitchen. the doors have thermo structured finish. The man made grey graphite worktop with uni colour edge is in perfect chromatic harmony with the vent hood. The opening of the doors is with groove.

Magika distinguishes itself for its personality. While the quality and functionality remain a constant. The colour, the finishes and overall appearance allow personalisation to individual taste.

The modular composition adapts itself perfectly in the space. Great balance and design incorporate the kitchen into the living space.

Elements that will simplify the work in the kitchen. all the solutions optimise the organisation – the inside of the drawers can be equipped with specific accessories to divide the space, creating a place for everything.

The evident effect of the door finishes becomes characteristics – the white exhalts it with elegance, while the natural wood tone of the teak ads warmth.