System Collection

Company: Pedini spa
Model: System Collection

Dedicated to the pleasure of concrete sensations. Unique materials, giving rise to real emotions, actually mean technics, durability, practical and hygiene.

Elegant, practical and with high aesthetic value. Being completely handleless, everything opens and closes with just one touch.

Glass, aluminium, and stainless: diverse materials look uniform and synergistic, emphasizing different functions.

The “Italian Sign”, tradition meeting innovation, craftsmanship meeting advanced technologies. Matt glass and light elm.

Technology is the messenger of news. The big island is equipped with open practical storage and extends towards wide surfaces to be used when required.

The design for the kitchen space has changed: now “passes” from functionality to sensory involvement, the technique and the image. Elements characterized by quality, design, form and function, and by the combination of technological and natural materials. Flexible structures that support, organize, contain. While the plan is extended, at will, as a true and own workbench.

Geometric shapes, essential lines but generous in size, give rise to real “oasis”, refined and contemporary personality incisive and luxurious, dedicated.